Monday, 17 May 2010

Courgette Spaghetti

So, this is a wonderful trick to use instead of starchy-carb and calorie loaded pasta. Use courgette instead! Finely slice courgette into match stick size ribbons, then steam them or boil them for 5 minutes. You can add flavour by adding vegetable stock, cumin, or garlic to the water. It is great for adding to the size of your portion without adding to the calories. The texture is actually quite similar to pasta, and even if you don't like the taste of courgette normally, this can be changed to suit your tastes by what you add to the water.

Here is the nutritional information for 1 medium-sized courgette:
31 calories per serving, 0.4g F, 0.1g SF, 6.6g C, 3.4g S, 2.2g Fb, 2.4g P

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