Sunday, 23 May 2010

Julie's birthday

Well, no recipe for today but I will post a picture of my Carrot and Ginger Cake which I made for Julie's birthday and posted about last week.
I was a little worried that it didn't taste as good as it could have because my scales are off and the colouring didn't seem right, it should have been a little darker. But everyone (bar one person who complained it wasn't fluffy!) seemed to like it. I made the topping and filling with quark, a small amount of icing sugar and some lemon zest and juice. I should note that this isn't meant to be a fluffy cake, it's made with wholemeal flour so that was never going tobe the case!

I'm getting quite nervous about the move to Sweden, only 2 weeks away tomorrow and so much to between now and then. I am guessing that blogs will be a little thin on the ground while I get moved and settled in, but I have not forgotten you so don't alramed!

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