Saturday, 31 July 2010

Berry Porridge

This is my newly discovered breakfast favourite. It is absolutely yummy and really hits the spot, and so easy to make. I tend to leave the oats juice and berries in the fridge over night so that the oats soak in as much flavour as possible.

Berry Porridge
Serves: 1

1/3 cup oats
2/3 cup water
50 g berries
100 ml orange juice
100 g yoghurt, 0.3% fat
2 tsps sweetener
Put the berries (I use frozen forest berries but any mixed berries would work) in a small sauce pan and cover with orange juice.
Add the oats and stir, try not to break up the berries.
Add enough of the water to cover the oats.
The longer this has to absorb, in the fridge, the better.
Put the pan on a low heat and stir continuously so it doesn't stick to the pan. If you're in a hurry then you can add the yoghurt as soon a the oats thicken. But if you have time, keep topping up the water and letting it thicken out again until you get a creamy consistency, then add the yoghurt whilst stirring.

238 calories per serving, 19.9 F, 3.5g SF, 44.5g C, 20g S, 4.8g Fb, 9.6g P

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