Thursday, 9 September 2010

Elderberry Jam

So, seeing as I'm in Sweden, I might as well throw myself into the culture. How might I do that. DO as Swedes do! And what do Swedes do, I hear you ask. The answer is very simple. They make jam! Everysort under the sun. I'm British and I pretty much only ever triy raspberry, blackcurrant or strawberry jam. Here they have every flavour chutney, jam and gelé you can imagine. I know it's meant to be quite British but I've just never experienced it in England; wheras it seems to be a general thing over here.

Want to know the best part of my jam making experience? It was FREE! The elderberries and apples came from the bushes and trees around our flat (if the tree is planted on, opr hangs over into public property you can just help yourself), and the jam sugar was bought by my parents, but even so - that little amount probably cost a grand total of 10 pence! I plan on also making som plum jam, some carrot marmelade and some apple chutney at some point! We shall see!

Elderberry Jam
Serves: 40 (1 heaped tsp per serving)

300 g elderberries
250 g apples, cored and peeled
120 g jam sugar

Rinse and drain the elderberries. Make sure they are all ripe, any green will sitll be slighty poisenous.
Slice the cored and peeled apples into small pieces.

Cook the berries and apples in a saucepan with the lid on, on medium heat until they soften. You may need to add water, but there should be enough in the fruit.
Stir occasionally.
Once the fruit has softened (around 10-15 minutes) add the jam sugar and mix well.
Cook for a further 5 minutes and then transfer to prepared jars.
Put the lids on immediately to ensure a seal.

20 calories per serving, 0.1g F, 0.0g SF, 5.2g C, 3.7g S, 0.7 Fb, 0.1g P

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  1. Oh I have tasted "Elderflower jam" in Germany. It was really really tasty... Have you? Is Elderberry different from Elder flower?
    anyway, Kopperburg the Swedish great liquor has that taste! :)
    Elderberry must taste lovely. jealous!