I'm a 21 year old who has relocated to Linköping, Sweden from Leeds, England. With the relocation looming ahead of me in July 2009, I realised the move would be far too difficult if I wasn't a confident and happy person. This meant one thing; I needed to get healthy.

Having been overweight all my life, my obesity had peaked in July 09 at 256lbs/18st 4lbs/ 118kg. I had always made excuses and was convinced I ate healthily. However, when I really started looking at my diet and exercise, the reason for my size 24 jeans was staring me in the face. So, thanks to an improved healthy lifestyle, here I am, almost a year later, in my size 10 jeans, weighing over 100lbs less.

I do not put this here to boast, or in expectance of lots of congratulations, but rather as a premise to the thinking behind this blog. In losing weight, and finding healthier alternatives to things, I have become even more of a foody than before. I have discovered some fantastic low calorie healthy meals and treats that I figured I may as well share!

I graduated from the University of Leeds in July 2010 with a BA in Linguistics and Phonetics. I've moved in with my boyfriend of 3 years, "M". I am loving living in Sweden and am making full use of all the apple trees and berry bushes, and of course kaviar, sill, knäckebröd and falukorv!